Lifeboats & Crafts

MSS are proud to supply a wide range of Lifeboats & Crafts to suit your business needs. We currently offer Fast Rescue Crafts, Freefall Lifeboats, Hyperbaric Lifeboats (SPHL) and Totally Enclosed Lifeboats.


Fast Rescue Craft

MSS are suppliers of Fast Rescue Crafts. We also offer full service and repair; our experienced personnel and high-quality equipment assures reliable service, repair and maintenance for all your fast rescue boats. The repair services we offer includes fender repairs, hull repairs, engine repairs and hook replacement or testing. We also cover general boat mechanics right through to complete boat overhauls. Regular maintenance of your fast rescue boats ensures safety and integrity and prolongs the lifespan of your craft.

Freefall Lifeboats

Freefall Lifeboats are suitable for installation on MODUs, offshore platforms and merchant shipping vessels. They come complete with specifically designed freefall davits. All our installations are backed by our own team of expert engineers, experienced in all areas of installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Hyperbaric Lifeboats (SPHL)

Should a major incident occur, a Self-Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboat (SPHL) will excavate and rescue divers in the diving support vessel while they are in a hyperbaric condition. Our SPHLs have been designed and built to comply with the stringent SOLAS 86 regulations and the CLASS approved by ABS and DNV. Our boat has fully integrated the hyperbaric chamber complete with fully equipped saturation diving system.

Totally Enclosed Lifeboats

Totally Enclosed Lifeboats are designed to be launched by cantilevered platform or gravity davit system. It is fitted with shock absorbing skate / fenders to provide protection to the inboard side of the craft during launching. When an emergency evacuation or accident occurs aboard a vessel or offshore platform, with the hydraulic on-load hook release mechanism, ship crew can release the falls from within the lifeboat when the lifeboat is on water.


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