Davit Systems

MSS are proud to supply a wide range of davit systems to suit your business needs. We currently offer A-Frame / Hydraulic Davits, Platform Davits, Single Arm Davits and Twin Fall Davit Systems. We also provide the relevant equipment to go with davit systems we supply.


A-Frame / Hydraulic

Our A-Frame davits are modular, deck mounted davits. They come complete with a base frame, cylinders, winch, davit arm and hydraulic power pack unit. The system is designed for launching fully manned rescue boats in even the most unfavourable conditions of up to a 10-degree trim and 20 degree list.


The platform davit is a free standing, deck mounted davit which consists of two arms, an intermediate frame, winch and operating platform. The system is capable of safe, efficient launching and subsequent recovery, of fully manned lifeboats. Our platform davits are designed to comply with all the requirements of MSC.47 (66), MSC.216 (82), MSC.48 (66), MSC.218 (82) and the IMO 1989 MODU. They have also been approved by the major classification societies.

Single Arm

The single arm davit is a freestanding, deck mounted davit consisting of a davit arm, column and winch. It is mainly used for lifting and lowering a boat/raft, or other types of rafts, whose lowering load is not more than 25kN. Our single arm davit conforms to the requirements of various classification societies.

Twin Fall Davit Systems

MSS offers a wide range of twin and single fall davit systems. We also supply electric motors, winches, fall wires, control boxes and all other associated equipment for our twin and single fall davits. All of our systems have been design and built to fully comply with the very latest SOLAS regulations and LSA codes.

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