SOLAS Equipment

First Aid Kits

Fully equipped, lightweight first aid kits are essential items on all lifeboats and rescue boats. Our top of the range first aid kits contain everything you could want or need and all the products are SOLAS approved.


Flares, rockets and smoke signals are found on the bridges, lifeboats and life rafts of merchant and naval ships, yachts, cargo vessels and yachts across the globe. We distribute a wide range of MED, USCG and SOLAS approved distress flares and signals so we will have a model which is suitable for your vessel.

Marine Lifejackets

Marine lifejackets come in all shapes and sizes and are not a one size fits all marine safety solution. We will build a profile based on what you tell us about your business and supply you with the exact marine lifejackets to suit your personal needs.


Lifebuoys and other safety apparatus enable the swimmer to remain afloat, allows you to make contact with the man overboard and are a means of recovering them from the water. Our selection of lifebuoys and other single person safety apparatus are of the highest possible quality and SOLAS approved.

Survival & Abandonment Suits

Survival and Abandonment Suits will protect wearers from developing hypothermia when immersed in cold water, a situation that can arise from having to abandon a capsized or sinking vessel before a life craft can be employed. Complete with built in shoes, hood and either gloves or watertight seals at the wrists, our suits meet the regulations of all the main marine safety bodies.

Full Range of Liferafts

The liferafts we supply are designed to keep the crew of a sunken, burning, capsized or otherwise uninhabitable vessel alive until they are rescued. MSS can replace your existing liferafts or if you have a new vessel, we can equip it with the best marine safety products on the market.

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