MSS winches are of the very highest calibre and suitable for incorporation into all davit systems.

Winches can be supplied with a single smooth drum, a single 2 section drum or with 1 drum on each side. As standard they have also been designed to meet the needs and the speeds that result from double-falls reeving.

Our winches are usually deck mounted and manufactured to the latest IMO/SOLAS requirements and LSA Code as well as the European Council Directive 96/98 EC on Marine Equipment (M.E.D.).

Each of our lifeboat winches consists of, but not limited to;

  • A drum or drums for spooling the wire rope or ropes in 2 layers
  • A gearbox for the transference of the load to the motor and brake and also to connect to the foundation
  • Centrifugal brake(s)
  • Holding brake
  • Electric motor in IP56
  • Electrical system including starter box for under-deck and a push button box for on-deck
  • Full set of limit switches
  • Storage drum for the stop-go remote control
  • A crank handle for manual operation

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