Davit Inspections & Services

MSS offer all companies fully comprehensive inspections and full range of services for your davits.

We also supply a wide selection of davits that have been designed and built to comply fully with the very latest SOLAS regulations and LSA codes, and these include;

  • MODU and platform fixed arm rig davits
  • Conventional gravity lifting arm davits for ships and FPSOs
  • Free fall davits
  • Fast response rescue craft davits
  • davits rated for the combined lifeboat /rescue boat use as defined in SOLAS.


Electric motors, winches, fall wires, control boxes and all other associated equipment are ready supplied with davits. Based on IP56, we use standard electrical systems for installations in non- hazardous areas. For installations in areas classed as hazardous we can supply and install EX-Rated electrical systems.

If you would like the assurance that your davits are being inspected and serviced by one of the industry leaders then contact us today.

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