Freefall Lifeboat Inspections & Services

The inspection service offered by MSS for all freefall lifeboats and associated equipment is second to none. Our expert team will scrutinise every inch of both the launch mechanism, the davits and the boat itself. This gives you the confidence and reassurance that your equipment will not let you down should you have to launch your freefall lifeboat.

Should any of your equipment need replacing, we offer a full range of top quality lifeboats which have all been designed to satisfy the stringent SOLAS regulations and the LSA code.

Suitable for immediate installation on MODUs, offshore platforms and merchant ships, our lifeboats are fully complemented by a full suite of davits intended for use with survival crafts. Each vessel is backed by the exemplary commissioning, installation and maintenance services provided by our team of expert engineers.

The features of our lifeboats include;

  • Capacities ranging from 12 to 90 persons on board (POB)
  • Seating for the  average body weighing 82.5kg (SOLAS requirements) up to 98kg (the common offshore requirement)
  • 54m height drops
  • Tanker versions are available for MODUs, FPSOs, crude carriers and production platforms
  • All our tanker versions are supplied with compressed air supplies which pressurises the lifeboat for a minimum time of 10 minutes in order to prevent the ingress of smoke.  An external water spray/deluge system is also included.
  • Our boats possess an exceptional buoyancy which enables them to self-right even when damaged and/or fully loaded.


Our boats have been designed for use in the harshest of conditions and the materials they are constructed from were chosen for their known resistance to the highly corrosive marine environment. This in turn ensures a long, trouble free operational life with the minimum of maintenance required.

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