Totally Enclosed Life Boat (TELB) Inspections & Services

Should your Totally Enclosed Life Boat (TELB) inspection result in the need for a replacement, MSS are able to supply you with a wide range of conventional TELBs.

All our crafts are suitable for installation on both cargo and passenger vessels as well as on offshore oil and gas platforms.

Each craft is fully complemented by a comprehensive range of specialist davits and backed by our world wide commissioning, installation and maintenance service provide by our team of expert mobile engineers.

Our TELB features include:

  • Persons on Board (POB) capacity from 25 to 150
  • Seating for an average body of 82.5kg (SOLAS requirement) up to 98kg (common offshore requirement)
  • Tanker versions are available for FPSOs, MODUs, crude carriers and production platforms
  • Tanker versions also include compressed air supplies which pressurise the lifeboat for a minimum of ten minutes in order to prevent the ingress of smoke
  • External water spray deluge system
  • Double skinned hull and canopy moulded in fire retardant GRP
  • Integral buoyancy tanks make sure that boat is self-righting even when it’s damaged
  • Fitted as standard is the class-leading on-load Safelaunch, the lifeboat release and retrieval system manufactured from marine grade stainless steel
  • Supplied with a diesel engine supplied benefiting from a twin electric start system.


The larger than usual hatches allow our crafts to be classed as dual rescue and lifeboats under the latest SOLAS regulations.

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